Microsoft Windows 10 – Fixes after upgrade

I have just upgraded to Windows 10 Pro from previous Windows 7 Pro.
Transition was smoothly but there are some things that have to be fixed. Here a little list of these fixes. The list is in order of appearence (as they happen).

  • Adobe Reader DC doesn’t start when invoked
    • To fix: Terminate all instances of Acrobat via Task Manager, then open Acrobat Reader alone. Go to Edit / Preferences / Advanced Security Options and disable “Enable Protected Mode at start”, leaving other options as they are. Now close and use it.
  • Adobe Reader DC (and same problem on SendTo context menu) send to email address failed to open current default E-Mail App (in my case Thunderbird)
    • To fix: Close all running applications, open an administrator Command Prompt (Windows Key + R and type cmd + Enter, then if you UAC control is enable, right click on icon on taskbar and select “Run as Administrator”, this will open a new Administrator CMD), and run SFC /scannow.
  • to be continued …