Windows 10 – CPU not supported

A customer told me about Windows 10 upgrade error: “CPU not supported”, but CPU is an Intel I5.
I have found this article:
Substantially, run windows update with last updates, get

Windows 8.x
Windows 7 SP1

then re-run windows 10 upgrade. This should be fixed.

Other useful links are:

Microsoft Windows 10 – Increase Number of Items in Jump List

Do you want to have more than 6 elements in Explorer Jump List ?
In registry add under
a new Dword entry JumpListItems_Maximum and give it a decimal value of 20.
It works immediately (no restart required).

This info is given as is. Without any warranty and responsibility. Made changes in registry may cause errors and it will be under your only responsibility.

Infos found at this link:

Harbour web server

I’m working from many years (in my spare time) to a pure Harbour web server. That is currently working and (almost) full featured.
Started from Harbour programmers code (mainly from Mindaugas Kavaliauskas’ code) I rewrote it almost from scratch.

Current features:

  • multi-thread
  • dynamic threads (added and deleted as needed)
  • pipelined browser requests support
  • SSL (not fully implemented)
  • works with standard html pages, javascript and most of html extensions
  • load, executes and cache harbour hrb pre-compiled binaries
  • support of external CGI
  • compile and run *.hb scripts (if harbour internal compiler is loaded)
  • embedded html support with .hbe extension like asp or php (you can mix html and harbour code together in same page)[harbour internal compiler required]
  • virtual hosts support
  • aliased server names
  • multi tcp port support per virtual host
  • plugins support (dynamic library loaded on webserver start)
  • handle chuncked files in upload (download not still implemented)
  • script alias
  • aliases
  • PHP global variables supported
  • PATH_INFO support
  • MVC paradigm enabled via plugins and PATH_INFO
  • templating support like TWIG PHP library
  • sessions support
  • cookies
  • native lib GD support
  • rewrote from scratch as class library, fully embeddable in applications
  • on Windows platform can install itself as service
  • under current development

Actually I’m using it for my commercial web site ( that is running on CentOS server, also if last version (on Windows server) is visible at
Current version is developed mainly on Windows because I’m developing some projects, but it will be available on all platforms supported from Harbour language.

Microsoft Windows 10 – Fixes after upgrade

I have just upgraded to Windows 10 Pro from previous Windows 7 Pro.
Transition was smoothly but there are some things that have to be fixed. Here a little list of these fixes. The list is in order of appearence (as they happen).

  • Adobe Reader DC doesn’t start when invoked
    • To fix: Terminate all instances of Acrobat via Task Manager, then open Acrobat Reader alone. Go to Edit / Preferences / Advanced Security Options and disable “Enable Protected Mode at start”, leaving other options as they are. Now close and use it.
  • Adobe Reader DC (and same problem on SendTo context menu) send to email address failed to open current default E-Mail App (in my case Thunderbird)
    • To fix: Close all running applications, open an administrator Command Prompt (Windows Key + R and type cmd + Enter, then if you UAC control is enable, right click on icon on taskbar and select “Run as Administrator”, this will open a new Administrator CMD), and run SFC /scannow.
  • to be continued …